National Pizza Party Day – May 18

May 18 2018

National Pizza Party Day – May 18

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That’s right — National Pizza Party Day is coming up on May 18, and we are here for it! If it’s been too long since you last enjoyed a good old-fashioned pizza pie, you’ve got the perfect excuse coming up soon. You can throw your own party or join someone else’s, but either way, it’s the very best time to enjoy a nice hot pizza pie.

Although mainly thought of as an Italian dish, pizza in various forms has existed since the earliest days of human history. The ancient Greeks used to flavor their flatbread with oils, herbs, and cheese, and Persian soldiers used to bake their own pizzas on the hot surfaces of their shields. Traditional pizza is also known as Neapolitan pizza, and it originates—as the name suggests—from Naples, around the middle of the 16th century. However, it was traditionally served with olive oil as a base—tomato sauce wasn’t popularly used until shipments of tomatoes started being sent across the Atlantic from the Americas. And around end of the 19th century, Italian immigrants began introducing the dish to their new American compatriots, and eventually, pizza became the savory crowd-pleaser we know it to be today.

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