Merry Christmas from Union Reporters!

Dec 25 2018

Merry Christmas from Union Reporters!

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CHRISTMAS – December 25

Christmas is observed annually on December 25th.

The annual celebration of Christmas, (also known as Christmas Day) is a derivative of the Old English Crīstesmæsse which means Christ’s Mass. The Christian Feast celebrated around the world, by Christians and non-Christians alike, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

A public holiday in many countries around the world, Christmas is a large part of the holiday season.


In the morning, see what Santa has delivered. Gather with family and open presents around a decorated tree or have a meal together. Use #Christmas to post on social media.


One of the earliest references to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is in a homily by John Chrysostom, a 4th-century archbishop. Christmas is a relatively new celebration when considering church holy days.  Passover, Lent and Easter were celebrated long before Christmas.

As Christianity spread into northern and western Europe, Christmas adopted many of the customs associated with the winter solstice. Decorating with evergreen trees and their boughs, holly and mistletoe, a bearded man delivering gifts and even the large feasts all hearken back to these celebrations.

In medieval times, Christmas was a solemn observance of the birth of Jesus Christ, and very little feasting, singing and carousing was going on. The first record of the word “Cristes Maesse” being used was in a book from 1038 from Saxon England.

Caroling, Nativity scenes and gift giving (primarily to nobility with hopes of favors in return) began taking hold around the Renaissance period. The church was in quite an upheaval during this time, and some observances could bring undue attention to the celebrant depending which direction the church was leaning at the time. Royalty and nobility had a considerable influence on this era as well. The Renaissance period covered a broad expanse of time (1300-1700) and was filled with an influx of inspiration, invention and art all of which influenced Christmas and Christian practices.

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