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Soul Balancing™ is a unique, alternative healing method within which I have combined all my life’s lessons, educations, experiences, and skills.

My business name came to me through my conversations with Spirit. As I would share what I do with others, I found that I was often saying “I look for and remove what doesn’t belong as well as retrieve and bring back that which does belong”. This was the moment in which I felt Spirit answer my question about a business name that would speak to what I do. Soul Balancing™ came through and immediately felt very appropriate!

This divinely given name for my business has been a blessing not just to me but also to those I am connecting with. I’m honored you are here!

I primarily utilize the title Multi-Dimensional Soul Balancer however, I may also be recognized by several other titles;
Shamanic Practitioner
Intuitive Palm Reader
Reiki Master & Teacher
Spiritual Teacher and Mentor
Spiritual Liaison
Spiritual Healer
Light Worker/Light Warrior
Multi-Dimensional Accelerated Healer
Spiritual Accelerator Master & Teacher

Preferring not to be tied down or restricted by labels, I do find it necessary to have something that helps others to better understand what I do and what is being offered. You will find my approach to be supportive to all who seek my gifts and powers for their healing process because these healing sessions are not about me – they are all about you, the client and what you’re seeking help with.

My clients are empowered through the process of Multi-Dimensional Healings and Teachings enabling them to make better decisions from a place of greater balance within themselves.

Services: Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Energy Healing, Emotional Healing, PTSD Healing, Transformational Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach, Soul Retrieval, Emotional Healing, Chakra Balancing, Organ Balancing, Drum Healing, Mediumship Readings, Intuitive Palm Readings, Home & Office Clearings, Object Clearings, Harmonized Healings (Group Clearings), Moxie Breeze Jewelry, Sacred Healing Crystals, Check out my website for more information. 







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    Career Coaching, Chakra and Meridian Balancing, Crystal Healing, Emotional Healing, Energy Healing, Health and Wellness, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, Nationwide Services, Physical Healing, Psychic, Psychic Counselor, Psychic Medium, PTSD, PTSD Healing, Reiki, Shamanism
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Trixie Phelps – Soul Balancing™
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Trixie Phelps – Soul Balancing™

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