Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging



The TDI Mission

To provide superior quality infrared imaging of the breast, neuromuscular system, dental, thyroid and sinus regions to assist in the assessment of problems associated with these areas.

To educate interested parties in the applications of thermal imaging to promote early intervention to optimal health.

To empower individuals to become proactive in their lifestyle choices to maximize their wellbeing.

Why Choose Us?

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI) was established in 1982 to provide superior quality infrared imaging of the breast, neuromuscular system, thyroid, dental, TMJ and sinus regions to assist in the early assessment of problems associated with these areas. Dr. Getson championed the cause of Thermography during a ten-year court battle which ultimately was heard by the New Jersey State Supreme Court. In a unanimous verdict the Supreme Court ruled that Thermography was a “reasonable and necessary medical expense” under the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Law.

All thermographic images are interpreted by Philip Getson, D.O. who founded TDI and has been certified by four thermographic boards. He is widely considered an expert in the field of thermography. All images are taken by a Board Certified Thermographic Technician, Liesha Getson, or by Marianne Miano, a board eligible Thermographic Technician.

TDI utilizes the NEC Thermo Tracer camera, the first FDA approved unit expressly designed for medical applications. It is considered by many to be the finest thermal imaging camera available due to its lack of drift leading to highly reproducible serial studies. Not all thermographic equipment is of this quality. Some units do not allow for variable statistical measurement of regions of interest. This is particularly important in the evaluation of breast disease. It is imperative that the interpreter “mark up” the images to not only compare contralateral temperatures but also to assure that the same points can be measured in all future studies. Additionally each breast study should be a “full study” with at least nine views in color and nine in black and white. A cold challenge should also be employed in all breast studies. TDI strictly adheres to protocols of the world wide thermographic community. All images are taken in controlled environments with special attention to temperature and ambient light.

As part of a patient centered approach, individuals with abnormal reports are given the option of having a phone conference with Dr. Getson at which time the images are reviewed and recommendations made. These may include further diagnostic tests as well as nutritional and dietary counseling, detoxification and other approaches to health, and recommendations made if the patient so desires.










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Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging
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Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging

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