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Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers offer a unique method of ketamine infusion therapy that saves time and money while yielding more lasting results!  With over seven years of experience and thousands of infusions, we find that our patients need an average of only 4.3 infusions in their lifetime.

Hope and Healing

Ketamine actually works by reversing the degenerative changes in the brain caused by depression. In other words, ketamine can have immediate benefits for depression and suicidal thoughts, but its most powerful benefit is that ketamine induces neuroplasticity which occurs over weeks.

“I experienced 40 years of chronic, treatment-resistant depression and felt hopeless.
After receiving a course of ketamine treatments at Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Center, I experienced nothing less than a miracle. I have been depression free for 5 years! My life is now joyful and peaceful.” – Beth K.

Our ketamine infusions are administered by a nurse anesthetist under the guidance of a psychiatrist. Our clinic provides a safe, secure, and spa-life experience. You can be confident that Dr. Henderson will work diligently to optimize your depression treatment, including offering optional pharmacological evaluation and alternative treatments for depression, such as Multi-Watt Infrared Light therapy.

Physician-owned and operated, Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the best in diagnostics and cutting-edge clinical treatment to those who suffer from neurological, psychiatric, and brain-based disorders including traumatic brain injury, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more.

Veterans and First Responders receive special discounts.

Dr. Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD brings his expertise in pharmacology mechanisms and his understanding of brain growth factors to bear on depression. Dr. Henderson’s world-renowned published clinical research on ketamine, Multi-Watt Infrared Light Therapy and other alternative treatments for depression is featured in top medical journals and international scientific conferences.



Services: Ketamine treatment, depression, pain management, PTSD, OCD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, neuropathic pain, mood disorders, chronic pain, severe pain, suicide, migraines, psychological disorders.




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Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD – Neuro-Luminance Inc.
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Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD – Neuro-Luminance Inc.

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