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We all have so much going on in our lives and, at times, it can feel as though we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. The idea of being in therapy is having the ability to alleviate some of that weight each session, bit by bit, by handing it over to your therapist who helps you prioritize, process, move through and rectify, leaving the weight upon your shoulders lighter and much easier to carry after each session.

I use a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy so we can target your goals quickly and easily and make progress in the shortest time possible.


“I don’t know how to tell people I’m gay.” “I’m transitioning and I feel very dysphoric.” You are absolutely not alone. As an advocate of your community, it would be my pleasure to help you through your journey. This can be a sensitive issue and I will always treat it, and you, with the respect it deserves. I have worked, and continue to work, with many transgender teens and young adults who have been through various stages of transition. Please consider me an advocate and someone here to offer additional support.

Parenting Skills

Whether you’re raising your children in a 2-parent home, if you’re a single parent or if you’re co-parenting in separate households, parents must be on the same page when it comes to raising their children, setting expectations and establishing boundaries. Otherwise, this can cause confusion for children and “splitting” where Mom can be pitted against Dad or vice versa. This also allows children and one parent to begin to act as a team who may “gang up” against the other parent. This, inevitably will lead to marital/relationship problems and gives your children much more power in the family dynamic than they should ever have. We can work together to readjust the balance in your family dynamic. Together, we can also work on how to set realistic boundaries and natural consequences so that you, as the parent, are seen as the one to be respected.


This is the stage of confusion. Everything is in question. Common range of thoughts: depression, anger, anxiety, self-harm, poor self-esteem, sexually acting out, suicidal ideation. If your teen has expressed any of the above thoughts or feelings it is imperative they seek out a therapist to help boost self-esteem, work on conflict resolution, teach de-escalation techniques and provide ongoing risk assessments to make sure your teen is not a suicidal risk. I have a specialty and great experience in this area in which I understand this time of transition while honoring the importance of the role of the parent/guardian. Please understand, the more (s)he is able to verbalize, let out and process their many thoughts, feelings and emotions, the less power these thoughts will have over them.


Whether it’s your school/work schedule, your kids schedule, activities, travel, panic attacks which keep you from leaving the house, transportation issues or physical pain, sometimes driving to an outpatient office for therapy simply does not work. If that is the case, we can schedule phone, FaceTime or Skype sessions which has been said to be just as effective as in-person therapy.






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Remi Freeman, LCSW
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Remi Freeman, LCSW

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