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Serving all of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

Financial Solutions, LLC specializes in providing planning and guidance for those who are seeking a better lifestyle in retirement. Whether you have a retirement nest egg of five million or $50,000. We can help you deploy your retirement money properly – meeting your liquidity needs and making sure your risk is suitable at the same time helping you strike a proper balance between short term and longer term maturities. Additionally, with our help the income from your retirement money, pension(if you have one) and your Social Security can be perfectly coordinated to assure you a worry free retirement without fear of running out of money in your lifetime.

Michael Trujillo is a Retirement Income Specialist. His background in the following areas makes him a valuable resource to his clients:
Specializing in:
. 401K/ IRA Rollover Planning
. Social Security Maximization
. Legacy Planning
. Tax Free Income Planning
. Tax Free Wealth Transfer
. Long Term Care Health Planning
. Insurance Maximization Planning
. Retirement Planning
We provide:
. Annuities
. CD Alternatives
. Term Insurance 
. Universal Life Insurance
. Mortgage Protection
. Health Insurance
. Disability Insurance
. Medicare Supplements
. Long Term Care Insurance 
. Dental/ Vision Insurance 
Toll Free # 1-866-213-1433


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    8300 Carmel Ave., NE # 301, Albuquerque, NM 87122
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    401K, Annuities, CD Alternatives, Dental Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Final Expense Planning, Financial Advisor, Health Insurance, IRA Rollover Planning, Life Insurance, Life Insurance Planning, Long Term Care Insurance, Long Term Healthcare Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Retirement Income Specialist, Social Security Maximization, Tax Free Income Planning, Tax Free Wealth Transfer, Vision Insurance
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    Adams County (CO), Arapahoe County (CO), Arizona, Bernalillo County (NM), Boulder County (CO), Broomfield County (CO), Carson City (NV), Clark County (NV), Colorado, Denver County (CO), Dona Ana County (NM), Douglas County (CO), Douglas County (NV), El Paso County (CO), Elbert County (CO), Elko County (NV), Harris County (TX), Humboldt County (NV), Jefferson County (CO), Lander County (NV), Larimer County (CO), Logan County (CO), Lyon County (NV), Maricopa County (AZ), Mesa County (CO), Mohave County (AZ), Montezuma County (CO), Morgan County (CO), Nevada, New Mexico, Nye County (NV), Pershing County (NV), Pima County (AZ), Pueblo County (CO), Santa Fe County (NM), Storey County (NV), Summit County (CO), Tarrant County (TX), Teller County (CO), Texas, Washington County (CO), Washoe County (NV), Weld County (CO)


Michael Trujillo – Financial Solutions, LLC
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Michael Trujillo – Financial Solutions, LLC

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