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If you’re facing mounting medical bills, debt, wage garnishments, creditor harassment, or a possible foreclosure, bankruptcy may be the solution for you. We are able walk you through the bankruptcy process and give you advice on how to best protect your house, car, wages, and other assets.

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Family Law

Divorce, property division, and child matters can be some of the most difficult and complex matters that you ever have to deal with. We will work with you to establish your goals and reach the best possible outcome.

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Employment and Labor Law

Whether you are a business owner, employer, or employee, we can assist you in a wide variety of employment and labor law matters, including the following:

•Sexual Harassment

•Employment Contracts

•Wages and Overtime Pay

•Employment Discrimination

•Wrongful Termination

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Education/School Law

Whether you are a school administrator, employee, or student, we are able to assist you with a wide variety of school and education law issues, including the following:

•Bullying and Harassment

•Request for special education services (IEP’s and 504 Plans)

•Student suspension or expulsion

•Employment and labor disputes

•Unlawful restriction of First Amendment rights





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    Attorneys / Lawyers, Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Divorce & Family Law Litigation, Education Law
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    Illinois, Peoria County (IL), Tazewell County (IL), Woodford County (IL)


Law Office of Nina R. Gougis
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Law Office of Nina R. Gougis

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