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Karen Stoehr is the creator of this wellness center.  The path to wellness is a concept that embraces multiple healing arts.

9th Street Wellness Center promotes an environment where practitioners work together for the greater good of the individual.  We want to see people thrive and live happier, healthier lives. 

9th Street Wellness Center is a place that encourages your path to a wellness lifestyle.



For those seeking ‘Astrological Counseling’, Find ‘Life’s Calling’ through your ‘Personal Chart’ reading, Unfold the mysteries of the Universe.


Health, Wellness and Life Coaches

Coaching provides structured supportive partnership process to facilitate positive change and improve overall well-being. 


Intuitive Reading / Palmistry / Tea Leaves / Animal


Massage Therapy

Treatment in which a therapist manipulates muscles and soft tissue of the body to improve health and well-being.  (Variety of Massage)


Meditative Fitness

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and spirit, through stretching and breathing.


Restorative Yoga –


Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi & Qigong is sometimes described as “meditation in motion” because it promotes

serenity through gentle movements – connecting mind and body. (physical exercise & stretching, improves balance, mobility, and strength)


Bodhi Yuj Meditation & Retreat –


Mind and Body Connections



Shaman Journey Work / Healing / Drum Wash / Stone Casting

Shamanism looks at the person as a whole and works at the level of Spirit. Healing transforms the person on all levels and is able to remove blockages and imprints from this and other lifetimes.


Energy Work



Using fingers on pressure points to stimulate the mind and body without the use of needles. 


Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)

Stimulate energy points by tapping on meridians with the fingertips.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

Energy pathways to harmonize to bring balance to mind, body, spirit, and restore the energy flow by placing the fingertips over 26 different safety energy locks.



Performed by the healer placing his/her hand on or above you,

with no pressure applied to the body, to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.



Specialized thumb and finger techniques applied to the hands and feet through direct connections to specific organs and structures. 


Spiritual Living


Health & Nutrition

Weight loss, Diet counseling, Menu planning, Food sensitives,

Digestion issues


Licensed Aesthetician


Colon Hydrotherapy


Oriental Medicine


Acupuncture is a traditional medical modality involving the stimulation of vital points on the human body to unblock the circulation of energy and information flow essential to normal health. Uses needles to stimulate the mind and body. 


Wellness Doctors

Naturopathy, Medical and Chiropractic


Special massage therapy rates for Military, Government and Union Members.  See 9th Street Wellness Center Facebook page and website for more services and details.






  • Address
    1028 9th Street., Green Bay, WI 54304
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  • Category
    Chair Massage, Compassionate Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Integrative Touch, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massages, Trigger Point Therapy
  • Location
    Brown County (WI), Manitowoc County (WI), Outagamie County (WI), Wisconsin


Karen Stoehr – 9th Street Wellness Center
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Karen Stoehr – 9th Street Wellness Center

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