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A Proven Ally For Hard Financial Times

Debt can make life miserable. From harassing phone calls to financially devastating collection tactics, creditors are pitiless in the damage they inflict on the lives of people who have fallen on hard financial times.

The good news? The law is on your side. Bankruptcy law provides powerful protections to American citizens struggling with debt. By filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop creditors from harassing you and taking legal action against you while also wiping out your debt completely or at least getting it under control.

I am Jillian Kindlund, a bankruptcy law attorney in Bethesda. With more than 30 years of experience handling bankruptcies in Maryland and the District of Columbia, I can make the law work for you.

Broad Knowledge Of Bankruptcy Law

Before helping consumers get out of debt, I was a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee. This background in the other side of bankruptcy law gives me a broad perspective that benefits my clients today. I draw upon this experience to help my clients protect assets while navigating through the complex and foreboding legal system of the U.S. bankruptcy law.

A Fighter Helping Fighters

In 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer and endured five surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation before finally overcoming it. I understand and respect people who, when faced with adversity, have the courage to stand up and fight. As a cancer survivor, I fought and won, but I know I couldn’t have prevailed without the help and expertise of a team of experienced medical professionals.

I fight for people too, but it is their financial problems I cure. I am here to fight and win for you in the same way I fought and overcame cancer with the help of professionals who cared about me and knew how to make a difference.

Get The Legal Help You Need

You don’t have to face your debt problems alone. Kindlund Legal LLC is here to help you explore your options and get you on the road to total debt relief. To arrange a legal consultation, contact my law office online or by telephone at 240-341-8837.







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Jillian Kindlund – Kindlund Legal LLC
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Jillian Kindlund – Kindlund Legal LLC

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