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Jacqueline began her mission of helping people feel more comfortable in their own bodies as early as 10 year old. While in 3rd grade, she discovered, through words, that she could make her friends feel better immediately and help people shift perspective to encourage positive changes. It’s like her secret magic. She also found her language in music. By using words and sound, she realized “reality” seemed to be something relative to one’s viewpoints / thoughts.

In college, she pursued her interest in human behavior by studying psychology and journalism. Upon graduation, she realized the limitations of both modern psychology and journalism; she couldn’t imagine waking up and go to work every day to fight against those limitations. So she got married, brought two beautiful girls into the world, and turned to music as her career for many years. She worked with children and adults of all ages. Through words and sound, her students thrived and had fun learning and practicing music in her studio.

When her daughters started school, Jacqueline continued contemplating life and human behaviors (especially her own and her kids). She went back to studying psychology, philosophy, religions and eventually hypnotherapy when her family moved to the South Bay in California.

At the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, Jacqueline found that this amazing language she had been using for years to create a life she adores is called “hypnosis”and that the meditative state she experienced via meditation is called “trance”. The lucid dream state that shows her insights in life and sometimes predicts the future is called “(past) life regression”. And the power of her thoughts to create happy moments in life, is called “future pacing”…

Jacqueline enjoyed all the training offered by the school and devoted all her spare time reading and thinking about the nature of human consciousness and everything related to the nature of reality. She’s like a kid in a candy store.

Upon completion of clinical hypnotherapy training, she officially began to apply this shiny new tool on all the people around her, especially her family. Her family was already familiar with her language, but now she could offer its therapeutic benefit to them.
After helping herself, her husband, her daughters, her parents, her grandma overseas and countless friends and friends of friends, she is now opening her door to share the benefit of hypnotherapy with you.

When you come to Jacqueline’s clinic or meet her for an online session, expect a gentle heart and a sharp mind. She’ll go into trance with you, and meet you in your subconscious to work with you. Expect your issues to lighten and even disappear. Expect to walk away with this shiny tool of self-hypnosis for your beautiful life ahead of you. 

Thank you so much for reading. See you in our next session.





Anxiety, Hypnotherapy, IBS, Insomnia, Pain, Preparation for Surgery and Childbirth, PTSD, Smoking Cessation, Stress, Weight Loss




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    Anxiety, Cancer, Hypnotherapy, Insomnia, Pain Release, PTSD, Smoking Cessation, Stress, Weight Loss
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    California, Santa Clara County (CA)


Jacqueline Lu – Serene Present
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Jacqueline Lu – Serene Present

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