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We offer our favorites! We focus on offering Proven MODALITIES which promote wellness!

Colon Hydrotherapy
Extremely safe, gentle, and effective best describes the experience at Grounded Wellness Center. We use the “Angel of Water” which provides for the absolute best experience. An “open” system is the most comfortable and modest, that is the reason we use it!


Custom Facial with Bridget
A Relaxation Facial treatment session with Bridget is relaxing and rejuvenating to your face and soul! Bridget uses the cleanest and most pure products and ingredients for both your skin to glow and your well-being.


Infrared Sauna
An Infrared Sauna provide numerous benefits without the difficult breathing. Our Infrared Sauna is safer than a traditional sauna due to its more efficient way of heating up the body directly instead of keeping the air at a very hot temperature all the time.  Infrared Heat has been found to help promote wellness in many ways and many people report numerous benefits after just 1 session.


Breathwork is a gentle way to physically and emotionally release what no longer serves you. Each session is unique to you with multiple rounds of guided breathing. Essential oils and sound healing are used during your breathing time to help in clearing stuck energy. During this time your goal is to simply relax, breathe and focus inward.


When you come to a Reiki session you will relax on a massage table, fully clothed for about an hour. The healer places their hands on or hovers above you while the energy flows wherever it is needed. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing experience and can be described as tingling or warming in the body.




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    Cook County (IL), DuPage County (IL), Illinois, Kane County (IL), Lake County (IL), McHenry County (IL)


Grounded Wellness Center
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Grounded Wellness Center

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