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Gerhild Krapf

I am a lifelong resident of Iowa City and know it and the surrounding region like the back of my hand. I love to listen and learn about the needs and dreams of home sellers and buyers. Please let me help to make your sale or purchase an enjoyable, creative and exciting adventure!

During my 30 years of working as an attorney and in administration at the University of Iowa, my core professional motivation was public service. Since 2015 as real estate agent, and as broker and owner of Homes & Hearth, LLC, my core motivation continues to be service. 

Looking for a home is a creative adventure. My avocations of musical performance, ceramics, pastel painting, and writing poetry, have helped me to develop my creative side, which informs many of my real estate interactions. I love making this search an effortless and happy experience for my clients. I make sure that I am available and responsive at all times, providing positive encouragement and enthusiasm, and offering creative solutions when problem solving is required.

It is a privilege to listen to the hopes and wishes of my clients. When a potential buyer comes to me, my goal is to help in any way I can, as that person explores the market and thinks through financing options. Some of my buyers, through this process, have learned that the home they currently own is where they want to stay. Other buyers have learned that their best option is renting. But most go on to find the home of their dreams!  I enjoy the process of exploring options with them, through which they gradually identify what matters most to them in a home—location, style of home, green space, or school proximity? It is a great joy, ultimately, to help my clients to find the property that suits them best—a place to call home.

When it comes time to sell a home, I am happy to help my clients understand the selling process and the various aspects to consider when pricing their home. If a person is interested in listing a home for sale, it is my pleasure to offer a free competitive market analysis that will help determine the market value of their home. Given my Strategic Pricing Specialist designation, I am well positioned to help them think through the various strategic questions and choices that should determine the listing price they choose.

Whether I am helping a buyer or a seller, I see my role as anticipating their needs, making sure they fully understand every step of the process that lies ahead, and being there for them at all times and in all ways. I can imagine nothing more fulfilling!


Michael Brau

Michael Brau, a key agent of our firm, brings a wealth of experience to his passion and commitment to helping our clients. As public servant for the citizens of Iowa City as administrator in the areas of cable TV, telecommunications, and internet service, Michael used his legal background to negotiate contracts with providers to ensure consumers had the protections and service they require. As a union member, he was active in participant in negotiating contracts on behalf of AFSCME 183. His negotiation skills are an invaluable asset in ensuring his real estate clients are served well. The commitment he has to his union brothers and sisters applies to the solidarity he brings to his real estate clients.

Michael, too, has a creative bent. As a photographer, he has exhibited across Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. That creative impulse applies to his approach to real estate, always finding new ways to look at issues and developing creative responses. Creative, analytical, and passionate—that’s Michael.







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Gerhild Krapf & Michael Brau – Homes & Hearth, LLC
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Gerhild Krapf & Michael Brau – Homes & Hearth, LLC

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