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Eric Rosen, Master Hypnotherapist and Transformation Coach

Check out this partial list of the mental and emotional breakthroughs you can make with a little help from Eric…

-Boost genuine confidence

-Defuse triggers

-Discover your path and purpose

-Dissolve anxiety and social anxiety (may require referral)

-Ditch limiting beliefs (e.g., I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable and others)

-Dump emotional baggage (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, grief)

-Eliminate Impostor Syndrome

-End emotional eating

-Flourish in your career, health and fitness, relationships

-Forgive authentically (release resentments, grievances and grudges)

-Knock out phobias

-Make lifestyle changes (create your compelling future)

-Make peace with your past

-Medical hypnosis (with physician’s referral)

-Mend a broken heart

-Overcome fear of public speaking

-Resolve inner conflicts

-Stop procrastinating

-Stop smoking


About Eric

Eric is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in Mental and Emotional Release® (MER® a/k/a Timeline Therapy). He has conducted over 2,000 sessions of MER® with some 100 people a year since 2014.


Author of Change the One Belief

Eric is author of the book, “Change the One Belief: The Magic of Mental and Emotional Release®.”


Eric’s Credentials

A Certified Trainer of MER, Hypnotherapy, and NLP, Eric specializes in the release of deeply held, longstanding negative emotions and the transformation of self-image from limiting to empowered.

Sometimes referred to as “The Shaman in Silicon Valley,” Eric is an advanced practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian spiritual and energy traditions known as Huna. With Huna, his clients achieve remarkable results, rapidly.


Available In-Office or Online

For those outside the San Francisco Bay Area, Eric works with clients one-on-one over video services including Zoom, VSee, or Skype.


Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

Eric is the creator of the program, “Impostor Syndrome Be Gone!” It is the foundation of his work with executive teams to promote measurable ROI from increased workforce engagement. He also provides training to mental health professionals so their clients can make profound self-image makeovers in as few as four sessions.

Eric delivers personal growth workshops to organizations and the general public. You can also hire Eric to speak at your next event.

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Eric Rosen Hypnotherapist
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Eric Rosen Hypnotherapist

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