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Dale Carrison DO, FACEP, FACOEP

Medical Director at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Dale Carrison, D.O. has assumed the position of Medical Director for Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Carrison has a wealth of experience as an emergency physician and also as the Medical Director of several of the Las Vegas Valley’s most prestigious medical organizations. See more of his story in this Las Vegas HEALS awards video.

Dr. Carrison is the Director and Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at University Medical Center (UMC), a Professor and the Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at The University of Nevada Las Vegas’ (UNLV) School of Medicine, and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board with the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD).

Dr. Dale Carrison serves in a host of other capacities, including roles such as Medical Director for Clark County Fire Department (CCFD), Medical Director for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and is the Medical Director of Health and Safety for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Las Vegas METROPD) and tactical physician for their SWAT Team. He is also Medical Director for the Electric Daisy Carnival and the Executive Medical Director for Burning Man, Crowd- Rx.

By appointment of the Governor of Nevada, Dr. Dale Carrison served as the Chairman of the Nevada Homeland Security Commission from 2004-2011. Currently he serves as a member on the Governors Health and Wellness Council. Dr. Carrison is vigilant in his role to help people as he still serves the Las Vegas community as an Attending Physician in the Departments of Trauma and Emergency Medicine at UMC.

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy is honored to have Dr. Dale Carrison join our team. He shares our vision and, like us, he understands and believes that healthcare is far more than prescribing medications and performing procedures. Connecting with and educating patients and colleagues is equally important to Dr. Carrison. We strive to create and deliver the highest level of quality health care.

Dr. Carrison believes in being proactive with healthcare. Regenerative medicine utilizing Stem Cell Therapy is a revolutionary cutting edge technique. Our procedures have yielded extremely positive results in many of our patients. We hope you may also see positive results and be our next success story.

We look forward to a relationship that will serve our patients well, and one which will solidify Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy’s place as a true leader in our field. A leader known for providing safe, effective, viable treatment options for you, our patient.



Blake Youmans

Medical Manager at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy

Blake Youmans has been managing medical establishments for 10 years. He received his bachelors in Biology from College of Charleston, South Carolina in 2001. He has been a resident of Las Vegas, NV since 2003 where he became a Nationally Registered Paramedic. In this role he witnessed patients getting emergent care needed for problems that could have been prevented.

Since 2006 Dr. Youmans and Blake have been in the business of making people well and keeping them that way with a preventative approach involving Regenerative Medicine. Both the doctor and himself are thrilled to offer this new revolutionary Stem Cell therapy to help make you well and keep you that way. In Blake’s free time he likes to play volleyball, soccer, and spend time with his wife and child.





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