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Counseling of Charleston

Sharon V. Balcome is founder of Counseling of Charleston which is located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Dr. Balcome works with individuals, ages 6-65+, as a consult for their lives. She is a counselor educator who has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families for 30+ years. Her professional life has included working with young people and their parents in the school setting and with adults, couples, and families in a therapeutic setting all around Charleston, SC. Dr. Balcome has worked with many clients as they have transitioned through developmental, environmental, and relationship shifts. In addition, she has taught graduate students the theoretical foundation of her approaches how to manage their lives. This offers a wealth of knowledge and a rich insight of clients as they develop life strategies. Her office is located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina..



Career Direction of Charleston

In the Low Country, there are many kinds of career coaching and career advising. But Career Direction offers career counseling with a comprehensive process of testing, counseling and follow-up. Career Direction is under the leadership of Sharon V. Balcome, Ph.D.

The Career Direction Program is a unique and comprehensive career counseling program designed to help each individual to discover his or her own true self, his or her own natural abilities and talents. Career Direction is the only career counseling program in Charleston / Mount Pleasant, South Carolina that can offer the comprehensive Highlands Ability Battery, a unique and objective profile of what you do naturally well and a 20 characteristic personality description.

While this ability analysis offers you enormous insight into what you can do, The Program does not stop there. It also helps you understand other aspects of yourself and helps you map your career journey. Time is spent exploring the world of work and discovering what the opportunities are. Discussion is also focused on how we present ourselves to others, and what skills we need to gain to go where we want to go.

Career Direction is the only career counseling program that combines natural talents, personality, core interests, skills, understanding of outside influences, and your personal themes to enable you to chart your course and to make an action plan to achieve it. It shows you where to go and how to get there. The program also helps you understand what will get you off your course. This is the most effective and career oriented program of its sorts in the state of South Carolina.

If desired, Career Direction also offers you reinforcement and follow-up counseling after the Planning sessions are completed.






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    Bullying Counseling, Children's Counseling, Counselor, Elder Counseling, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Personal Counseling
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    Berkeley County (SC), Charleston County (SC), Dorchester County (SC), Georgetown County (SC), South Carolina


Dr. Sharon V Balcome – Career Direction PA
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Dr. Sharon V Balcome – Career Direction PA

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