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Hello and Welcome ALL!

My name is Donna Fareio-Fontaine.

I am a single mother of five and now that my kids are grown and out on their own, I have been able to chase a forever longing desire of mine.
As many people aspire to do, one of my forever longing goals in life has always been to travel the world and explore this beautiful planet we coexist on. I have turned my ambition for seeing the world into my newest life adventure as an independent travel agent.
Since doing so, I have been able to book family, friends and new acquaintances all around the world. Some of the vacations I have coordinated include – but not limited too;
Rome, Paris, Italy, Greece, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and many more “Dream Destinations”.

What sets me apart from the rest is simple; I not only book your travel arrangements but I make sure to accommodate your every need along the way. I have been told I can make the impossible, possible and I would like to do this for you!
I will assist you in booking airfare, rental cars, hotels, tours and whatever else you may desire while traveling. I personally like to check in on ALL the reservations before you set sail. I have noticed that in doing so, it minimizes the stress of traveling for you; and it allows you to breathe a little easier knowing that your reservations ARE expecting your arrival!

Don’t put off your dreams of travel any longer, don’t keep putting off a vacation you DESERVE. Life is too short & no one wants to live a life always saying “What if”. Do not let your budget for travel be a road block in enjoying your life – I have worked with several people/groups to accommodate all types of budgets!

Let me get you booked on your next adventure, whether it be Zip-lining in Costa Rica, cliff diving in Jamaica, or sitting on the beach in Hawaii reading your favorite novel.

Reach out to me via Email, Text or Messenger with your interests
Happy Travels My Friends
*If you too want to become an Independent Travel Agent like myself – I can help you do so*
Message me for details & lets get you on the path of being your OWN BOSS!!




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Donna Fontaine – Dream Destinations Travel
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Donna Fontaine – Dream Destinations Travel

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