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Oklahoma has been inundated with cannabis dispensaries and clinics for acquiring a medical marijuana card offering, “fast and easy approvals.” With the focus on acquiring a card, many people are missing the most essential question: who is qualified and prepared to discuss my options with me?

The Doctors of Cannabis are in the business to help Oklahomans get medical marijuana cards, but their approach is quite different. At your free consultation, they will discuss your dosage amount, dosage schedule, and different intake options. This is what makes the Doctors of Cannabis unique.

When you arrive, you won’t wait long in the waiting area (if at all) before you are shown to one of the  private rooms (pictured above) within a relaxed environment. Next, you will discuss your condition and questions with a qualified staff member to see if you are a good candidate. Then, you will talk privately with a board certified M.D. via an iPad who will discuss your self-care plan.

You could say they offer “The Doctor Experience,” but the environment is less clinical than a typical Doctor’s office. Instead, expect an inviting office with caring staff that is efficient, but not rushed. Most appointments take 20-25 minutes. While you speak with the doctor, the staff is at work processing your paperwork for a successful submission to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) for completion. The Doctors of Cannabis offer a 100% money back guarantee, and also will discuss possible discounts for which you might be eligible.

If you are suffering from pain, anxiety, insomnia or other illness, you may benefit from guidance in finding the right strain and dosage for the best outcome. You can call The Doctors of Cannabis or go online to make an appointment, usually within a day or two.

Call to schedule a FREE money-back guaranteed appointment. This might be the treatment that is right for you without addictive, expensive pharmaceuticals.


5929 N MAY AVE., STE 204 | 405-367-5638

301 S DUCK ST., STE 1 | 405-367-5638

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Doctors Of Cannabis
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Doctors Of Cannabis

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