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Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Our Prescott Valley location is an eight-bed, sub-acute medical detoxification facility.  Its purpose is to begin the process of safely ridding your loved one’s body of toxic drugs.  We offer medically-supervised detoxification from all addictive substances with 24-hour, on-site nursing staff.

The facility is overseen by Laura Pieri, M.D., Diplomate in Forensic Psychiatry. She and her nurses carefully supervise the detoxification process while keeping the client as comfortable, and safe, as possible.  If an emergency should arise, we have a formal transfer agreement with an outstanding hospital only five minutes away.

This service includes a complete history & physical assessment, full nursing assessment and reassessments, psychoeducational groups, case management as needed, one-on-one attention to keep your loved one engaged in the recovery process and a clean, safe, calm and comfortable environment.


45-day Residential Treatment Program

Some programs will offer a two-week period of treatment in the hope of attracting clients with the short stay only to unsuccessfully persuade them to stay longer.  That’s not what you or your loved one need.

At Decision Point Center, every client admitted to our 45-day Residential program will be comprehensively assessed at the beginning of their treatment stay to design an individualized treatment plan for them.  This assessment includes psychiatric, psychological testing, physical health, nutritional, and career and educational components.  Case management is provided as needed

Our goal is to fully understand how the cycle of substance abuse operates for each client, so we may plan recovery individually for that client.

Our residential program is the beginning of a new and different life for each client.  Many of our clients have 3-4 individual sessions per week with therapists, Trauma Clinicians, Client Care Managers and our career/educational counselor in addition to 7-8 hours of group programming per day.

Included in this program are an individualized treatment plan, treatment and approaches tailored to the client, trauma therapy if needed, connection with peer support groups, counseling and coaching for job and educational goals, relapse prevention planning and training as well as referrals for ongoing therapy and support.


45-Day Extended Care Program

Sometimes our client, the client’s family and our treatment team feel the need for an extended stay in the safety of a program to integrate the lessons learned in the first 45 days.

The Extended Care Program includes a longer length of time in a safe, protective and supportive environment, more time in a structured living situation to reinforce the client practicing coping strategies that work, healthy eating, healthy exercise and integration into peer support groups, greater depth of therapy into factors, such as trauma, that have contributed to substance abuse behaviors being perpetuated, more comprehensive job and educational planning and preparation, referrals for ongoing therapy and support as well as case management as needed


Failure to Launch

Failure to launch is usually thought of as describing a young adult who still depends on his parents for support and shelter.  In fact, it is a clinical condition where the young adult fails to establish an identity for themselves as they develop.  As such, successful treatment requires a clinical understanding of this condition and therapeutic interventions designed to facilitate identity and build maturity.

This facet of residential treatment includes an assessment of identity development, therapeutic interventions to facilitate completion of developmental stages, exploration and acceptance of internal values, exploration and commitment to purpose, career and educational counseling and the life skills necessary for independent living


Family Program

Families are literally torn apart by addiction.  Trust is shattered, integrity is lost and relationships devolve into attempts to control.

The family of an addict is, and always will be, the primary, potential source of support.  But treating the addict does not magically heal the family.  There is work that must be done.  Boundaries must be established and kept, respectful communication must be established and the fact that regaining trust will be a process must be accepted.  At Decision Point Center we guide the family in beginning this process with us and then provide referrals for ongoing work after treatment.


Adventure and Recreation

People in recovery need activity.  At Decision Point Center we provide structured activity and recreation that is adventurous and fun but also always has a therapeutic benefit.  Learning how to solve problems, work as a team and believe in your ability to overcome are invaluable life skills.  The experiential, metaphorical teaching that comes from the challenges designed by our A & R team does exactly that.



Trauma of any kind has far-reaching, and long-lasting, implications for those suffering from it, the most common being becoming addicted while trying to self-medicate.  At Decision Point Center we begin to address trauma immediately, in individual and group sessions, using Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing (EMDR).  EMDR has become recognized as one of the most effective strategies for treating trauma.  We also use group protocols addressing shame and guilt as well as directly addressing the brain’s connection between feeling distressed and wanting to use substances to relieve the distress.



Decision Point Center has established a standard of excellence and care based on the belief that we should never give less to our clients than we would give to a family member. We believe that there is no teaching honesty, trust and integrity without displaying it consistently ourselves.  We will not make decisions for our clients, but we will tell them what has worked and not worked in their lives and offer them guidance toward being successful.

At Decision Point Center we recognize that addiction rarely occurs by itself and we commit ourselves to thoroughly assessing each client to truly understand what drives their addictive behavior so we can apply state-of-the-art approaches to help them overcome their own resistance to having a safe, loving and fulfilling life.

We treat substance abuse, mental illness, trauma, executive functioning disorders, work with Asperger’s, family systems and offer career and educational counseling.

We choose to address the client’s entire life rather than focus just on their addiction.

There is simply no better place for you, or your loved one, to recover.






David Seymour – Decision Point
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David Seymour – Decision Point

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