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Dr. Shelby-Lane is a physician specializing in functional and integrative medicine helping her patients and clients get to the root cause of disease and solve their health care issues with natural and nutritional therapies. She focuses on lifestyle, food, nutrition, epigenetics, genetics, and fitness and an extensive online functional medicine evaluation. Her private practice is located in Downtown Detroit. She addresses concerns about cardio-metabolic problems including heart disease and diabetes, fatigue, weight management, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, adrenal and thyroid issues, anxiety and stress, and bone and joint pain.

Her holistic approach offers advanced metabolic testing and nutritional assessments along with a variety of solutions intended to help you stay young and healthy, live longer and be beautiful.

Prevention is her mantra especially as it relates to chronic illnesses. She has a coaching and membership program helping patients with multiple problems and and for those who need consistent follow-up to stay focused and attain their health goals. Her practice includes office visits and online meetings via telemedicine, along with group meetings.

Dr. Shelby-Lane is also a medical cannabis doctor and lecturer for the cannabis industry discussing the medical benefits and safety issues related to cannabis, hemp and CBD. She currently serves as a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association which addresses multiple concerns including proper dosing, cannabis testing, the opiate epidemic, and vaping related illnesses.

Educational Background and Training

Dr. Shelby-Lane graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School, trained as a surgeon at The University of Texas at Houston, and practiced as an emergency physician at Wayne State University at a major trauma hospital, Detroit Receiving Hospital. After two decades of taking care of trauma victims and people with life-threatening and serious critical illnesses, she immediately realized the value of prevention.

She went on to complete her education and training to become board certified in functional and anti-aging medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging & Functional medicine and is now an oral board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. In addition, she’s had extended training and certification in cardiovascular prevention and nutrition.

Dr. Shelby-Lane stays current and up to date in the field of anti-aging and functional medicine, as she continues to study with experts including Dr. Mark Houston (hypertension), Dr. Kalish (diagnostics and integrative medicine), and Dr. Jeffrey Bland (functional medicine), along with taking ongoing courses in advanced diagnostics and therapeutic interventions including stem cell therapies and the use of exosomes for cellular health. Always learning, she’s a wealth of knowledge and resources for your current and potential therapies.

For fun, she’s a standup comedienne and she’s a member of the Walk-With-A-Doc team, walking and talking with people about health, in the neighborhoods of Detroit.




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    Cannabis, Diabetes, Healthy Lifestyle, Holistic Medicine, Hormone Replacement, Thyroid and Adrenal, Weight Loss
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    Macomb County (MI), Michigan, Oakland County (MI), Washtenaw County (MI), Wayne County (MI)


Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD – Shelby Lane MD PC
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Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD – Shelby Lane MD PC

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