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Christopher Nudo’s faith guides the principals and integrity he uses to help his clients.  His guiding verse is “For we aim at what is honorable, not only in the Lord’s sight, but also in the sight of man.” — 2 Corinthians 8:21

Draft the Right Documents for Your Estate Planning Needs

Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law has extensive experience drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney for Arlington Heights and Elgin, Illinois, residents. Our estate planning attorney can assist with:

Living wills
Pour-over wills
Powers of attorney
Certifications of trust
Health care powers of attorney
Advanced estate planning-: i.e. legacy trusts, charitable remainder trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts

Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law Can Handle All of Your Real Estate Law Needs
Even the most straight-forward real estate matter can become complicated by hidden clauses in a real estate contract. Ensure a smooth real estate transaction by reaching out to Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law. Our real estate lawyer will make sure you’re not taken advantage of and handle all documents relating to your property.

We can prepare, adjust and register real estate documents for you. We can also arrange for insurance to protect your property from potential losses. Get in touch with Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law to learn more about our real estate law services.

Trust administration varies in complexity based on the complexity of the estate. For estates with a net worth between $750,000 and about $3.5 million, trust administration tends to be rather simple. The process begins by reviewing the trust itself and determining whether sub-trusts should be created for minor children, whether a business needs to be sold, and what assets comprise the trust (e.g. cash accounts, real estate, rental real estate, income-producing assets). If a church or charity is named in a trust, then the Illinois Attorney General will have to be put on notice that a gift will be going to that church or charity.

Next, the successor trustees of the trust (who are typically the children) will need to be informed of what they need to do, how they need to do it, which parts of the process they can handle on their own, and which parts of the process require the assistance of the attorney. Most of the clients I work with require very little of our law firm’s time in the trust administration process..

Illinois recently adopted the Illinois Trust Act, which was initially derived from the Uniform Trust Code in the United States. This act provides very strict notice requirements to all beneficiaries and other parties involved. This is one of the key elements for which our law firm provides assistance. For example, we often help send out the necessary disclosure information to the beneficiaries under the trust.

The successor trustees will then gather the assets and determine who and what needs to be paid, such as the funeral home, hospital bills, and any other debts. The pour-over will needs to be filed in the county but typically does not need to be probated. Since a revocable trust becomes irrevocable at the time of the grantor’s death, an EIN will need to be obtained from the IRS in order to permit us to file taxes on behalf of the trust.  Then the assets (in accordance with the terms of the trust), need to be distributed to the trust beneficiaries. Typically, a trust will be fully administered in under a year.

Work With an Experienced Business Law Attorney
You can’t run a successful business without the right attorney by your side. Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law in Arlington Heights and Elgin, Illinois can handle legal matters involving:

Formation of business entities, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other legal entities
Employment issues
Contract disputes
Discrimination cases
Environmental issues after opening a new business
Mergers; acquisitions and sales of entities
Asset purchases and sales
Christopher S. Nudo, Attorney at Law can guide you through the legal process when your business is in a bind.








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Christopher S. Nudo, LLC
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Christopher S. Nudo, LLC

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