Bruce Hubbard, M.D.



The Philosophy that Drives this Practice

Dr. Hubbard has successfully treated thousands of patients with medicine. He is considered an expert diagnostician and one of the

best in the field. Thirty years after starting his practice, he is now treating the adult children of many patients who started with him in the 1970’s. He treats individuals at every economic level and occupation and accepts Medicare and most private insurances. Feel free to call our office to check whether we take your insurance.

Dr. Hubbard brings the same high-quality expertise and compassion to each patient, no matter what their circumstances. Two of his strengths are his non-judging acceptance of each individual and his ability to find common ground with everyone ranging from the chronic pain patient who is unable to work to the anxious, Bipolar or ADHD patient who feels their life is out of control.

Dr. Hubbard takes great joy in observing the ongoing progress in the patients he’s treated for years, and is excited to get to know the ones he meets for the first time. He is driven by the opportunity to help someone who would otherwise struggle through life.

Many patients are helped immediately by the correct diagnosis, medication and dosage. Some situations are more complex and require more exploration leading to the right medication or combination of medications, and others do best with a combination of the right medicine and psychotherapy to bring stability and peace to their lives. Patients who do not experience an adequate response to antidepressant medication or who experience significant side effects are likely to find relief from depression through TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Some patients experience relief of symptoms through the positive effects of psychotherapy, and do not need medication.

Dr. Hubbard refers the patients who will benefit from psychotherapy to Dr. Ann Wycoff, a Licensed Psychologist or to another psychotherapist who he feels is the right fit for an individual’s unique personality and circumstances. Dr. Hubbard works with many psychologists, social workers, and counselors who he feels are the best in the field.

Dr. Hubbard treats substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic pain, insomnia, ADHD, and many other diagnoses.

Life is complex and challenging for everyone at some stage in their life. Some people move through challenging periods fairly easily, some struggle at times and need help to get back on track, and some, due to genetics or life events that are beyond their control, struggle in their day to day lives just to get through each day. This is tragic, as science and the profession of psychiatry have progressed so far that much of this pain is unnecessary.

The unnecessary pain can be caused by some of the following reasons: lack of access to adequate treatment, shame that causes an individual to feel responsible for their pain, fear that seeking treatment shows weakness, mismanagement of medication due to a misdiagnosis by a prior practitioner, a belief that they can’t be helped, a loss of trust in the field due to inadequate care, or lack of resources.







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Bruce Hubbard, M.D.
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Bruce Hubbard, M.D.

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