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Experienced Staff

Our Team at Hyperbaric PHP opened one of the first clinics in the United States. We have been providing Hyperbaric Therapy in Georgia for over 19 years. We have served over 45,000 families and are among the leaders in hyperbaric medicine education and treatment for nearly two decades.

Sharing the Healing Power of Hyperbaric Therapy

We have seen firsthand the difference hyperbaric therapy has made in the health and wellness of people with a multitude of symptoms resulting from different health conditions, compromises, illnesses and injuries. We know what it can mean to your health – and we are hoping to share this with you.

We believe that hyperbaric therapy should be made available and accessible to those in need and for those who may benefit from increased oxygen as part of an affordable recovery or personal health and wellness program. Our GOAL to “share” Hyperbaric Therapy with more people and change more lives is realized every day. Perhaps you or a loved one can use the Healing Power of Hyperbaric Therapy and Oxygen”

Atmosphere of Genuine Care and Concern

When you visit our clinic one thing you will notice right away is the amount of attention spent getting to know you. We spend time to make sure you understand what your hyperbaric experience is all about, what to expect while in the chamber and what to expect after getting out of the chamber. Your comfort is very important. It is paramount that you have a “good” experience in the chamber and that you know you are well taken care of. This is one of the biggest things that sets Hyperbaric PHP apart.

When we say that our patients are FAMILY, we really mean it!  We genuinely care. Remember, at Hyperbaric PHP, the PHP stands for “People Helping People”!

We Treat You and Your Family with Respect

Whatever brings you to our clinic, expect to be treated like part of our family. Our goal is to make you feel at home when you are with us. We look forward to helping you and your family. We want a chance to get to know you and your circumstances so we can best help you. 

First Visit FREE

We feel strongly about educating you as to the benefits of HBOT and how it may assist you. Along with that education (scheduled consultation), you are provided the opportunity to experience a hyperbaric treatment at NO CHARGE.

Lowest Prices

Even with the lack of available hyperbaric therapy clinics in the country, Hyperbaric PHP has always and will continue to offer hyperbaric therapy at incredibly low rates.  And as always, the first visit is FREE.

Many of our current and past patients are children with special needs or medical conditions that require an adult to accompany them. We do not charge for this service person. We charge for “Chamber Time”, not the number of individuals in the chamber. Our clinic chambers are large enough to accommodate two adults.

We realize cost can be a barrier to some people interested in this treatment. We want to eliminate that concern and assure you that we work with individuals and families all the time who may have financial issues due to chronic medical conditions. Don’t let money be the reason you hesitate – your health is too important.  

Additionally, we offer the availability to RENT or OWN a chamber for “self-treatment” in your own home.


Services: Health and Wellness, Hyperbaric Chambers, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Low Level Light Therapy, Ionic Footbath (Detox), Advanced Laboratory Testing, Alphabiotics, Sports Performance and Recovery, Stem Cell Support, Autism, Neurological issues, pre/post-surgery,  Brain Injury / Concussion / TBI, Lyme Disease, Stroke, Digestive Disorders, Anti-Aging, Fibromyalgia, Pain Issues, INFLAMATION and a VAST Referral Network










Bill Schindler – Hyperbaric PHP
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Bill Schindler – Hyperbaric PHP

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