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Teamsters Bring Relief Convoy to N. Carolina Hurricane Victims

Article from: teamster.org (ST. LOUIS) – On Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018, Teamsters Joint Council 13 loaded trucks with hurricane relief supplies for communities hit by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. The five trucks departed from the USF Holland terminal in Edwardsville, Ill. and headed for a transfer station in Fayetteville, N.C. where the donated food and […]

Everyone Needs an ‘Equity Card’

Article from: aflcio.org By: Amy Laura Hall The younger people in my life introduce me to songs they consider vintage but that are completely new to me. The Dead Kennedys, for example, are alive and well on my most recent playlist. And just this morning I heard, for the first time, “Work Bitch,” by Britney Spears. […]

Top Minimum Wage in U.S., $19, Approved for New York’s Airport Workers

Article from: www.nytimes.com By: Patrick McGeehan For years, the three main airports that serve New York City have been the site of one of the country’s biggest fights over the minimum wage. A Republican governor and airline companies were pitted against Democratic officials and labor leaders over how much to pay workers who clean planes, load […]

Great March of Return: Six months of protests in the Gaza Strip

Article from: www.aljazeera.com By: Active Stills Gaza Strip – Almost six months have passed since the start of a massive wave of protests known as the Great March of Return, organised by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. They started on March 30, the commemoration of Land Day, which marks the events of March 30, 1976, when Israeli […]

Celebrate National Taco Day

Last year Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos! We love our Tacos ! on National Taco Day, on Taco Tuesdays & Everyday! That’s 490,000 miles of tacos, which could take you to the moon and back or, if you prefer, could, at 775-million pounds, equal the weight of two Empire State Buildings. The word taco […]

Enjoy the Best of Oktoberfest with Ethical Brews and Bites

Article from: aflcio.org By: Labor 411 The salt will be plentiful and the steins will be full. Get ready for the bubbly, savory and salty sensations of Oktoberfest! The much-loved holiday officially lasts from Sept. 22 to Oct. 7 in Munich, but here in the United States, some of us choose to feast on the […]

Regulating from Below: How Front-Line Bank Workers Can Help Fix the Financial Industry

Article from: aflcio.org By: Christy Hoffman Ten years after risky practices at our largest banks wreaked havoc on the global economy, we face a financial sector that, despite some reforms, remains broken in fundamental ways. Wall Street has beat back many of the kinds of structural changes that happened after the Great Depression, and the […]

Missouri’s Working People Overwhelmingly Reject Right to Work

Article from: aflcio.org By: Kenneth Quinnell Last night was historic for working people in Missouri. Wealthy corporate interests tried to use their money to rig the system in favor of the 1%. But Missourians rejected the cynical power grab by an overwhelming 2-1 majority. Something big is happening with America’s working people—something that will bring change—and […]


Article from: nationaldaycalendar.com On August 31, National South Carolina Day recognizes The Palmetto State and her unique landscapes, bold personalities, and long history. Catawbas and Cherokee were some of the first to greet Spanish and French explorers in the 16th century. Their tribes dotted the land with villages. The Englished established the first successful settlement near […]

The Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act Reminds Us to Keep Working to Close the Gender Pay Gap

Article from: aflcio.org By: Kenneth Quinnell Sunday was the 55th anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 into law. The landmark law was the first that required equal pay for equal work for women. In the early 20th century, women were about 25% of the workforce. Women workers were paid far less than men in […]