Being Prepared: Scouts Recognize Teamster BA

Apr 23 2018

Being Prepared: Scouts Recognize Teamster BA

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(CARSON, Calif.) – Teamsters Local 572 Business Agent Tait Skifstrom recently received the George Meany Award from the Boy Scouts of America. The prestigious award is a national recognition that is given to adult union members who have made a significant contribution to the youth of their community through scouting.

“Congratulations to Brother Tait Skifstrom for receiving this prestigious award,” Local 572 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Middleton said. “Tait’s integrity, work ethic and selfless commitment to his community embody the best values of both the Boy Scouts and the Teamsters Union.”

Skifstrom has been involved in a number of activities geared towards community engagement, both inside and outside of his role in the Boy Scouts of America’s organization. He’s been an Eagle Scout since 1989, and he has served as a Den Leader and Unit Religious Coordinator of Cub Scout Pack 227 in Huntington Beach, Calif. Last year, he registered as a merit badge counselor for the American Labor Merit Badge so he could educate Boy Scouts about the benefits of the labor movement and collective bargaining.

He also has served as a volunteer coach for the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) Collective Bargaining Education Project, an award-winning social studies program co-sponsored by UTLA that provides education about the labor movement to high school students in Los Angeles. Through Local 572, he has worked with Middleton to provide assistance to the Elizabeth Ann Seton Residence, a transitional housing facility for families in need.

“I’m an Eagle Scout every day,” Skifstrom said. “You never leave, you never stop being an Eagle Scout. I’ve thought about scouting every day of my life, and even more so as I’ve gotten older. We hold certain principles – working to be trustworthy, loyal, friendly, courteous and kind. As a kid, they seem like little things, but they’re important. Eventually those things just become a part of you, and you can apply them to any problem or situation you might have.”

“Tait’s commitment to scouting and his community is a positive reflection on the Teamsters and the values we hold,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “The award is well-deserved.”

Skifstrom has been a Teamster for over 20 years. As a business agent, he has represented workers in a wide variety of trades; including freight, warehouse, school transit and UPS. He said that the lessons he learned as a Boy Scout have been invaluable in his role as a Teamsters business agent.

“The values and lessons I’ve learned in Scouting are universal to every aspect of life: family, friends, business, and in this case my profession,” Skifstrom said. “They have created some of the best experiences in my life and have carried me through the most difficult experiences as well. You can’t do this job without honesty and integrity. Your word means something. Scouting lays that foundation for your character as early as five years old, and it continues to build your character throughout adulthood.”